New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Kit

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Most indicators spook fish, cause line damage, make knots, don't stay in place or take too
much time to rig. The NEW ZEALAND Strike Indicator Tool solves these problems and easily adjusts to catch that fish or meet changing conditions. It is so easy to attach to your line, causes no damage and can be quickly removed. You will love the difference this makes to your fishing day.

Your fly will spend more time in the fish feeding zone more often. You can size the indicator to your needs depending on the conditions. The strike indicator material provides a highly floatable and very delicate presentation. It won‰۪t move unless you want it to.
It is remarkably easy to use!

New Zeland Strike indicator


  • Ingenious tool - makes attaching indicators a breeze
  • Easy to make - Just takes a few seconds
  • Easy to adjust - Places fly into Strike Zone
  • Lands gently - Won't alert spooky fish
  • Floats high
  • Knotless - Don't lose that trophy
  • No damage to the leader
  • The indicator can be trimmed to desired size
  • Indicator wool available in white and orange
  • Easy to remove - Catch that Rising Rainbow